About The Event

The Arts Council of Wilmington/New Hanover County, in association with UNCW's Office of the Arts & QENO (Quality Enhancement for Nonprofit Organizations) will present the 2nd Annual Wilmington Arts Summit, Friday and Saturday, October 6-7, 2017.  

The two-day summit will include networking, as well as professional development and capacity-building workshops for arts organizations and individual artists of all disciplines.  

Join us to learn more about the ways the arts work, network with your colleagues, and celebrate the impact of the arts in our region. Registration is $25 and covers all professional development sessions as well as lunch on Saturday, October 7.

For more information, call the Arts Council of Wilmington at 910-343-0998 or by email at info@artswilmington.org.



Greetings from Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo.

A toast to the North Carolina Arts Council’s 50th anniversary with NCAC Executive Director Wayne Martin at the Friday reception.  

Find out about our 2017-2018 Grassroots Arts Program grant winners.

Meet Arts North Carolina’s new executive director Nate McGaha.  

Learn what it takes to be an arts destination from Eleanor Oakley, director of United Arts Raleigh, during lunch on Saturday.


FRI 2-3:15 

Give it Your Best Shot! Alan Cradick  

Dashboard Reporting 

Natasha Davis


  • By the Numbers! The Economic Impact of the Arts  
  • Rhonda Bellamy

FRI 3:30-4:45 

Moving Pictures: Using Video to Tell Your Story 

Jamie Hansen 

Avoiding the 10 Most Common Grant Mistakes  

Natasha Davis  

The Rising Tide: Working Together in the Arts Panel  

SAT 9:30-10:45 

The Write Stuff!  

Emily Colin

I Joined a Nonprofit Board, Now What?!  

Amp Up Your Arts Marketing!

Brian Tucker & Patt Noday

SAT 11:00-12:15

Artist/Gallery Relations Panel

Fundraising FUNdamentals 

Laurie Taylor

Start Spreading the News Media Panel  

SAT 2:15-3:30  

Social Media for Artists  

Toya Wilson-Smith 

10 Things Every Fundraiser Must Know

Bob Jones & Kitty Yerkes  

Budgeting as a Creative Process 

Kristen Brogdon and David Ulaszek

Workshop Descriptions 


1:00 pm to 1:45 pm Registration 1:45 pm to 1:55 pm Welcome  

2:00 pm to 3:15 pm 

Give it Your Best Shot! – Alan Cradick – Rm 1023 Photographer Alan Cradick will share tricks of the trade for visual artists interested in showing their work in the best light.  

Dashboard Reporting – Natasha Davis – Rm 2005 

Just as your car dashboard shows your car system status in 30 seconds or less, an organizational dashboard gives you your organization status in just one page. Learn how to use dashboard reporting to celebrate success, hold each other accountable, and get everyone on the same page.  

By the Numbers – Rhonda Bellamy – Rm 1059 An in-depth look at the economic impact of New Hanover County’s nonprofit arts sector.  

3: 30 to 4:45 pm  

Moving Pictures: Using Video to Tell Your Story – Jamie Hansen - Rm 1023 Learn how to capture the sights and sounds that make your art stand out

Avoiding the 10 Most Common Grant Mistakes – Natasha Davis – Rm 2005 Natasha Davis, Director of UNCW’s Quality Enhancement for Nonprofit Organizations spoke with state and local funders about their biggest pet peeves when reviewing grant applications. In this session, she shares this insight – and how to avoid making those mistakes.  

A Rising Tide: Working Together in the Arts Panel – Rm 1059 Arts leaders talk about how collaborations spell success for all involved.  

5:00 to 7:00 pm

Reception North Carolina Arts Council Executive Director Wayne Martin joins us for a toast to their 50th Anniversary and recognition of our 2017-2018 Grassroots Arts Program grantees.  


9:00 am to 9:25 am COFFEE KLATCH 


Social Media for Artists with Toya Wilson-Smith has moved to 9:30 am on Saturday.  

The Write Stuff! with Emily Colin has moved to 2:15 pm on Saturday.  

9:30 am to 10:45 am 

The Write Stuff! – Emily Colin – Rm 1023 (Moved to 2:15 pm) New York Times bestselling author Emily Colin will critique the first page of your manuscript. Send your writing sample to info@artswilmington.com by October 1 and get one-on-one feedback at the summit.  

I Joined a Nonprofit Board, Now What?! – Logan Thompson and Stephanie Straughn - Rm 2005 Discuss the purpose of a nonprofit board of directors along with the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of being a nonprofit board member. Make sure you bring your questions about board service to the session. There will be plenty of time for Q&&.  

Amp Up Your Arts Marketing! - Rm 1059 Impact Media’s Brian Tucker and Patt Noday will look at emerging technologies that can keep your art front and center.  

11:00 am to 12:15 pm  

Artist/Gallery Relations - Rm 1023 Gallery owners discuss the dos and don’ts of gallery representation.  

Fundraising FUNdamentals - Laurie Taylor – Rm 2005 Laurie will cover the importance of philanthropy to your mission, why people give, what they expect and don’t want. She’ll also look at the current fundraising environment in our community and the basic elements of a successful fundraising plan.  

Start Spreading the News - Rm 1059 A panel discussion with local media (Star News, Cape Fear Living Magazine et al) about how to get coverage for your arts events.  

12:15 pm - 2:10 pm - Lunch is included in your registration.  

Keynote Speaker Eleanor Oakley, president and CEO of United Arts Raleigh since 2002, knows what it takes to create an arts destination. Her organization raises $1.4 million annually for arts programming in Wake County, North Carolina. For the previous ten years, she managed Raleigh Little Theatre, one of the nation’s largest and oldest continuously operating community theatres.  

2:15 pm -3:30 pm  

Social Media for Artists: How to Use the Visual Social Networks (Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube) to Share and Sell Your Work with the World – Toya Wilson-Smith - Rm 1023 (Moved to 9:30 a.m.) Have you seen other artists getting tons of engagement and interest on social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest? Are you ready to sell your work to people across the country or get media attention for your latest workshop. Learn how to use both images and video on Instagram and Pinterest to get in front of your ideal audience in just a few hours per week .  

10 Things Every Fundraiser Must Know – Bob Jones & Kitty Yerkes – Rm 2005 Nothing rolls cynical eyes faster than the promise of understanding a complex issue with a quick and easy-to-read list. That is why this program will be presented by AFP members who have been raising money in our region successfully and creatively for more than a combined 25 years.  

Budgeting as a Creative Process- Kristen Brogdon & David Ulaszek – Rm 1059 Learn how you are already budgeting in your everyday life without even knowing it, and then learn how to customize budget tools to fit your artistic and administrative needs. 

3:30 pm- 4:00 pm - The Wrap Chat

Parting thoughts and one more opportunity to network with artists and arts leaders.  


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